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Album: "In The Light Of Eclipse Coming"

1. Live In Sodom

2. Too Dead To Live

3. Mind Eclipse

4. For Those Who Born Under The Chaos Devise [377]

5. Of Queen Thet Enthroned In The Haunted Citadel Of Syberia [291]

6. The Incarnation Of My Sorrow

7. Farewell

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September '2003,
'Metal Revolution' magazine, Denmark

April '2002,
'Bestialisk Terror' webzine, Sweden

March '2002,
'Forlorn' webzine, Bulgary

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June '2005,
'Shadows Of Disgust' webzine, Holland

May '2005,
'Metal Fist' webzine, Bolgaria

October '2004,
'Metal Invader' site, Greece

March '2004,
'Fobia Zine' site, Chezh

October '2003,
'Stillborn' webzine, Italy

September '2003,
'Obscura' webzine, Czech

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